"Vday Blues" By Cassandra F 2/12/05

Drunk as hell,
I sit next to the phone,
its Valentines day!
and I'm all alone.
I know I shouldnt,
be suprised,
and yet I am,
and so I cry.
I don't want,
your sympathy,
I just want you,
to be there for me.
Taking a sip,
I keep drinking my beer,
I get like this,
every dn year.
It's depressing to know,
I'm here all alone,
while you're with her,
you're probably not cold.
It's freezing here,
when you're by yourself,
I think I need,
some proffesional help.
A psychiatrist isn't needed,
I don't have the patience or the time,
instead I'll sit and drink another beer,
I think that'll do just fine.