Escape to somewhere near, yet far away.

I want to escape the reality that I've trapped myself in. To escape the anchor I'm tide to and let the paper wings carry me off, over the ocean.

Leaving your cruel stares and poisonous words behind as I soar on the back of a pure white dove.

To let the height brush away the hurt, to let my tears fall into the ocean of despair. To get this out of my head.

The lies of what I was, who you thought I was, what I let you make me, they won't matter any more. My identity will change, your thoughts will change.

To let my body be possessed with something unseen. My veins will flow with crystal sparkling water, cool and refreshing.

The splash of water, the crush of snow, whist of smoke, crackle of fire.

No competition, no limits, comfort to be pure and undefiled.

The hidden elements displayed together, to become something indefinable.