Red Roses

Rose red: eyes flashing, hair flying. Strong arms and a limber body. Her strength radiates from her eyes, courage seems to dwell in her body. Her steps are sure and strong, her beauty daring.

Rose white is pure and quiet, her body smooth and small. Dressed in virgin white, her hair flowing down her skeleton like back in a smooth waterfall. Her bones are fragile and small, her skin translucent, the blue veins haunt her wrists, her arms, her hips.

Light and dark, virginal and pregnant, warm and cold, rain and sunshine.

Their eyes lock, pure understanding flows from their lips.

Opposites in sameness. They live off each other, through each other. Giving the other life in return for life.

They know each other and they still love each other. Balance, unity, not ulterior motives, no planned hurt, no knowledge of hatered.