This is a poem dedicated to someone I never met: My dad.

I was adopted and never got the chance to meet my mom, my dad, or my sister.

I know there are people in the world going through the same thing I am.

I know I'm not alone in not knowing my parents. This is a series

Of poems about the family I never met.

Poem 1: Dad

Daddy, who are you?

Why don't I know you?

What were you like?

Were you mean?

What did I inherit from you?

God, give me some clue.

I know my mommy

Doesn't know who my daddy was,

But God you do.

I wish I could have met you,

Maybe for one day

So that I could have a memory,

Just one memory of you

Someone I could talk to

To share the boyish side of me

To hold me when I'm down

My friends say how much they hate their dads

But they don't know how lucky they are

That they even knew their daddy

I wish that for a day,

I could see you,

Talk to you

I wonder who you are

Daddy, talk to me

I wish I knew you

You weren't married to mommy,

But you were still my daddy

And will always be my daddy,

No matter how old I get,

No matter who I get married to

No matter how old I get

You will always be my daddy

I never knew you,

But I'll never forget you

I love you daddy