Did you have a good day today?

Oh know, I'm fine, I'm okay

What did he say?

Oh, you'll be gone in a few days


I really wished that I was the one to plan this

Because your what I really miss

I fell the pain like its my own end,

My heart might not mend



What's for dinner today?

I can't wait for my birthday come this May

When will it be done?

Well that's no fun.


I really wished I could have said hello

Now I feel really mellow

I don't want you to leave me,

Who will be there when I scrape my knee?



Did you see her later?

I didn't think I'd see you get fader

When are you leaving?

Oh, it's the end of my heaving


I really wished I could have talked to you

If I had the money I probably would have sued

I don't want you around this life, my lawn

But then again, I don't want you gone


Hello Daddy

Hello Mommy

Hello Sissy

Do you ever miss me?