By the time I got to seventh grade, I was really excited. I had it rough as a sixth grader. I had a few friends--Ben, Amber, Erin, Emily Cothran, Kate, Emily Jagdmann, Suzanne, Nabila, Dimitri, Alyssa, Suzi, eh, Michael, Will. I had a few friends, I'll tell you. Oh, and then there was Eryn and Becky, the seventh graders. Ellen, I never really knew. But anyways, finally, I would be near the top. No longer at the bottom. Wo0t. Being a seventh-grader was fun stuff.

First block, I had ... let's see, my schedule was ... Health, Science, Spanish, Math, Band, English, T/A, and then History. I think. ...

But for Health and P.E., I had this new, young teacher named Miss Adams, who was from Pennsylvania. She was really cool. She was probably my height back then. But she was awesome.

For Science, I had Mr. Mo. He was SO COOL. I remember on the first day of school, I laughed so hard in that class, my stomach ached. He had a great sense of humor and a snake named Elmo, who one time slid up my arm and around my neck. Then Mr. Mo picked him up and turned him around the other way, so Elmo had to go all the way back around my shoulders. Woah, Elmo was so cool.

And then my Spanish teacher was...Mrs. Quiintero, who was from Puerto Rico. When she first came to America, on the highway, she saw a sign that said, "Hay." She was like, "Hay, qué?" Haha. She never liked me much; I remember one time I was writing a note to my friend on my iBook and she did an iBook check, and she caught me and called me to her desk to read it--I was so embarrassed because I was talking about my crush or something, and so I quit out of the program. She got really mad at me. I never wrote notes in class after that. I was always REALLY shy at Moody, so whenever we had speaking things, I'd blank out and my throat and mouth got really dry. I did okay on them, though.

Then fourth block--D block, I had Mr. Wyatt in prealgebra. I liked math okay, because my friend Erin was in my class, and we passed notes. OH! I used to draw manga pictures of Legolas from LotR for Erin and Bridget. Then I started the comic sequence--I still have a few of them...Okay, I just dug up my notebook...

(Picture of Gollum smiling evilly)

Gollum: My precious 3

(Picture of Gollum standing at the top of a cliff above water)

Gollum: ...Gollum wantses a valentine, too! He needses one!

(Makes loony face)

Gollum: Hehe he he ha ha ha ha! W A I T ! Where is my PRECIOUS? That nasty hobbit!!!

(Lightning strikes next to Gollum's foot)

Gollum: I made this for her!

(Picture of heart-shaped valentine with a picture of the One Ring on it and a heart--says, "For my precious")

Gollum: Isn't it so pretty! ?

(Picture of Legolas wearing a mask)

Legolas: Halt!

Gollum: Talk to the hand.

Legolas: (Takes off mask) This is MY comic! GET OUT NOW!

Gollum: (Smiles gently) Gollum seeses Legolas has no girlfriend. ... no valentine. He he he.

Legolas: (Cries) sniff So what?

Gollum: Well, I'm looking for my precious and I need help.

Legolas: (Makes cute angry face) Lemme think ... ... ... ... no.

Gollum: Why not?

(Legolas' hair bows in wind)

Legolas: Well, what's in it for me?

(Picture of Gollum's ugly eccentric happy face)

Gollum: A princess elf named Nimrodel.

(Legolas makes squiggly-mouthed face and looks like he's gonna cry)

Legolas: DEAL!

(Legolas advances on Gollum)

Gollum: EEW! No hugses!

(Falls off cliff)

Gollum: AAH!

Legolas: Yay! I got rid of Gollum once and for all!

(Gollum grabs Legolas' abnormally long hair)

Legolas: Woah! Let go!

Gollum: A deal's a deal!

Yeah...It was stupid...but it entertained me and Erin and Bridget.

For band, I had Mr. Smith. No comment.

Aah, in English, I had Mrs. Tan. She was a doozy. Great theatrical woman, but, MY GOD, she hated me, I think. Oh, and in that class, I was stuck with all of the preppie popular people. And a pervert. I won't name names, but it was an interesting class. And I remember I felt really fat in there.

For T/A, I had Mrs. Blackwell. Not really much to her...she was a sweet lady.

AND lastly, for history, I had Mrs. Kenzer. Mrs. K. doesn't remember me anymore, but I remember her. She's tight with my sister's best friend's family. So every once in a while, she'd be all, "Mrs. Fail says hi!" I did terrible in her class. I STILL have an interim from her class...I had an F, so I hid it in a book. And I just found it a few days ago...

Seventh grade was sort of fun. I mean, I was in Art Club and band and stuff, but that was the year that Art Club people had to be in art. HOW DUMB IS THAT??? Art Club is supposed to be for EVERYONE--for the people who COULDN'T GET INTO ART CLASS!!!! I ranted all year about that, because I was the only non-art person in there, but it got me nowhere. In eighth grade, I quit.

Seventh grade ... I don't remember much. OH! Erin got her first boyfriend in seventh grade--Michael Hoke. Michael was a sweet guy. He liked to sing and play with girls' hair. He was really cool. Well, Erin asked him out, and they went out for about a week or two--things were too awkward, though.

........................Not finished with this chapter; then again, it's not like you-all care...haha...not my best story; I know. VENTING.