Anabel twirled away from Alick, laughing, just their finger tips touched. He laughed too as he tugged her back torwards her, year of practice allowing them to smoothly fall back into proper dancing form. "You never can follow the rules can you?" He asked once the dance was over.

She cocked her head slightly to the side and smiled "now why would I do that? I enjoy my freedom."

"You're a free spirit."

"Only to be tamed if kindly asked to do so."

"You mean like me begging you to come in and dance with me instead of running around my home?"

"Your extremely large home which I have not seen in forever." She said pointedly as they walked arm in arm torwards the staircase.

A man stepped infront of them and bowed. Anabel sighed and Alick let out an annoyed moan. They both knew what was coming, he'd been trying to convince Anabel to dance with him since they had stepped inside. "Surely you aren't going upstairs, alone, people might talk." The man threatened.

Alick's eyes narrowed and he opened his mouth to retort but was cut off. "Surely you would much rather dance with me, milady?" The man turned torwards Anabel.

"But of course Mr....What did you say your name was?" Anabel asked kindly. Despite the smile on her face Alick didn't like the look in her eyes, it looked strangely familiar.

"Daniel Arow, and what did you say your name was?" He asked as Anabel led him, quite hurriedly, torwards the dance floor.

He smile widened "you didn't." And then they began to dance.

Suddenly Alick knew where he had seen that look before, it was Belle, just before she scared and scarred Dasan. Sure enough Anabel's dancing was just as horrid a punishment as Belle's had been, she managed to step on his foot every other step, have a horrid time keeping up the tempo and in the end, trip him.

Anabel returned to Alick laughing and he grinned back at her "You and Belle are very much alike."

"What's this? The famous ghost horse of the forest acts like a free spirited young female? Like me?" Her voice was that of fake astonishment and he frowned at her for a moment before he noticed the solemn look on her face. "I should....I have to....I am." She seems to be battling with herself.

"What?" He coaxed her on.

"I should tell you that I have to go, I am on a tight schedule and I have to leave very early tomorrow, I cannot afford to stay any longer." She said with a sigh.

"You can stay here." He said but she was already leaving.

"No I cannot, I'm sorry."

"I hope you return soon."

She stopped when she reached the bottom of the stairs infront of the house, she turned and smiled up at him "me too." And then she walked away.