A/N: Hey there! This short story was inspired by a Jimmy Eat World song called Night Drive, hope you'll enjoy it.



Night Drive

Particles of ice still hung from the windshield of his car. The cold was so threatening, and the snow seemed like if it would never fade away. The warm heat wasn't enough, neither the contention of alcohol running through my mind. Needless to say it held colder thoughts than the weather outside. It had been a hazy, precipitated night. All the actions from the previous days seemed to linger right in front of my eyes; days of happiness and undescriptable joy—mostly because of him. It would all end tonight.

Road to New York City wouldn't approach me to where my home was, it would only torn me apart.

He lay back on the driver's side and stopped the car on the kilometer 23. The fog and snow were covering all of the hovering, clear sky. We couldn't drive with those conditions, it would have been insane, or so I thought. He parked on a desert site, no one was around that place, it only seemed as the only ones existing were the two of us. He made his way out of the car, letting the cool breeze filled the placed. There were blankets in the back we could use. He grabbed them and returned to his seat lending me a baby blue color one. I smiled at him, keeping all of my emotions sunk inside the blanket.

Time evolve, and so did silence. The only thing we could hear was the male's voice speaking on the stereo. I leaned forward to where he was to change the tune. His eyes met mine, he had the most beautiful eyes I'd seen, the shades of green in them glisten like sparks, and even though his skin was cold, it somehow gave me warmth. The needed of a good song that got to say what I couldn't grew harder. The sound of my internal feelings was blasting loud enough to left me deaf.

Cold started to calcinate my bones again, my lips ran dry. I took out from my pocket the cherry lipstick someone had given me long ago. The smell of it was so hard that it filled the whole car giving a sense of peace.

He looked at me… again, and he shut the door behind him as he went to stand in the middle of the desert of snow. I went out as well. The wind hit my skin, and there was this smell I'd always found after it rained. I went running to where he was and gave him a sweet punch on the stomach; he smiled and put his hands around my waist. Then we started to play. I threw snow balls to him and the other way around. We ran and for the first time in two years I felt blissful, and neither the cold nor the guilt was enough to shut down that feeling.

After a few good minutes of happiness we sat together in the soft snow floor. He caught a snowflake for me and placed it in my hands. There were no stars in the wide sky, there was just the moon. He touched my cheeks, and then he started too played with my hair. I lost myself in his turquoise, diamond eyes. He leaned closer to me, until I could taste his breath. Our lips were so close and suddenly they touched. It was a tender, soft kiss that gave a rush of electricity through all my body. Shivers of love came to me and my guilt. But no one would know that full moon would be the only witness of our love crimes.

Clock confirmed it was 4:35 in the morning; we fell asleep in the back side of the car, he hugging me, both of us under that baby blue blanket.


Sun rise soon enough not to give us time to say goodbye. When he started the engine every white line was the one who seemed too made unavoidable having to let go of my truth, of my love, of him.

We arrived at a place in front of Central Park by 8:30 o'clock. He was about to opened up the car's door for me when Michael appeared in the scene. Michael hugged me like if I would break apart if he didn't. Then Michael greeted him and thanked him for giving me a ride home. (That wasn't my home though.)

Michael kissed me in front of him, but as this happened I kept staring at him and vice versa. Even though, we didn't said a word other than 'goodbye' that glance meant all of the words we missed.

He turned around from us and back to his car, not noticing his lips still had my cherry lipstick on them.

We turned around also and rushed towards our house, Michael not noticing I still had the baby blue blanket he had given me.