Hello, folks! waves jauntily Yes, I am well aware of the fact that I have not posted anything for roughly a year. And I would be very surprised if anyone was still waiting, or cared, or anything! But! For those who have not completely abandoned me, your loyalty/insanity will not be forgotten or ignored! Yes! You heard/read right! I'm going to be picking up my old stories, one by one, and making them better, and then finishing them! does a happy dance This makes me happy, and if it makes anyone else happy, that makes me even more happy! Because... It does.

Now. The first story I will be picking up again is Complications. I do this because, quite frankly, I love Terrence. Seriously, he makes me smile. And I just want to write him again. Unfortunately, a lot of rewriting needs to be done so he will not be making an appearance again until the rewrite of the concert. Which makes me sad. A lot of other things will be changing since I'm honestly to lazy to do things exactly as they were and certain things will then be explained in the new, and hopefully improved, version of the story. Some characters may be dropped/changed/or whatever else I feel like doing/fits with my direction of the story.

So. I will start a new file/thing/whatever it's called for the rewritten version.

If anyone still cares... I hope you don't hate me. I really did plan on finishing this story, but life caught up with me and got in my way. I had college things, and job things, and all kinds of things to do that had to take priority over writing. Now everything may still be slow, but I promise to work my hardest. For you all (if there are any left). And Terrence. Because he got one chapter! And that doesn't seem fair to me. So this is going to be for Terrence's benefit. The other characters? Not so much. Of course, I still love all the others, it's just that Terrence was perfect, pretty much.

ANYWAY! Ignore my blathering. I will start rewriting everything and hopefully have it up before I go away, which (truth be told) is in March, but since I take forever with things, wouldn't be that hard for me to hardly accomplish a thing and then have to go to London. So I will try. For anyone who cares to read the story.

Thanks for sticking with me, guys, if you have. If not, I completely understand and I apologize, even though you probably won't be reading this.

Peace and love,