It started so long ago

That we became friends

We were both thirteen

The age when friends came and went

You were so different

So quiet and calm

Thought everything through

Before setting any alarm

Me on the other hand

I was outgoing and crazy

Never cared about anything

Or maybe I was just lazy

But when I met you

I wasn't the same anymore

When I'd be around you

I was afraid to be like before

As time went by

You managed to change me

Into some loner without friends

That couldn't set herself free

Because you held me back

In your dark world of loneliness

Taking me deep down with you

Causing me nothing but stress

So now it's been 4 years

And all I have is you

In school nobody talks to me

And when they finally do

It's always when you're around

Because they think we're one

They never see us separated

And quite frankly, I'm done

With this bullshit you're giving me

I wanna take these 4 years back

Live them all over again

See something else than the eternal black

Because you see, I don't need this

It's just a waist of time

So you stay here, in your cold and lonely world

And don't you worry, I'll be just fine