Hey everyone! Welcome to my first story ever! This story started out as a love type story, but then I decided to change it up a bit. It shall be very interesting to see where I take it. Well, please R & R! I need feedback from you guys! I update pretty often too. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Waking to the pitter-patter of the rain outside, Evelyn looked next to her to find that the man was gone.

"Typical," Evelyn grunted out.

The men she slept with usually left during the middle of the night and leave the money on the counter. "God," she said. "How could I have resorted myself to this?" This was a question that she asked herself after every night she had with a different man. But then she always remembered why she led this life of prostitution.

"Tammy," she told herself. "Tammy, my little girl, is why I do this."

Tammy was Evies 6 year old daughter. Evie was once married to a man, but after she had Tammy, he left. He said that he didn't want children, and could never bear having to live with one. So he walked out the night she told him that she was pregnant.

"Selfish, corrupted idiot," she told herself.

She made herself believe many different excuses she made for herself, but subconsciously she thought it was her fault. He had told her that he didn't want children and never would, and she had agreed to his views the moment she said, "I do."

"Maybe I should just find another job," she said to herself while rolling to her back. "I'm sick of these worthless men who only want by body."

Evie had sold her body to many different men over the past 3 years, and all of them were just the same. They slept with her, and then stayed for a while, and then they'd all leave as quickly as they possibly could.

She slowly rose out of bed and pulled on her pink robe and slippers. Slowly shuffling her way to the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror. What she saw did not please her at all. She was ashamed of herself, of her repeated actions. Then she undressed and hopped in the shower. Feeling the heat of the water against her body made her feel somewhat cleaner about her actions. She just stood there in the shower for some time, and then finally began to wash herself. The shower had always been there for her, helping her to wash away the bad outlooks she had towards herself. After her shower, she walked down the hall to her computer.

"Computers…" she thought to herself. "What a marvelous invention."

Evie had always loved computers. She loved all technology. The way a computer, TV, or a microwave worked, was so fascinating to her. She had begun studying technology the day that Harold, her ex, had left her. Needing a hobby to do, technology was the only thing she found interesting enough to take her mind off him. "No new mail," she said quietly. Evie didn't really have many friends, everybody she met looked down upon her for her job. When she would try to explain her situation to them, all they would do is scoff and walk away. She would try telling herself, "What do they know?" But even she was ashamed of herself and couldn't blame people for feeling the same way she felt about herself.

Disappointed, she left her computer and began to make some bacon and eggs. The smell of the food filled the kitchen and she whiffed it happily. The smell of food always took her by surprise, nothing ever smelled as good. One could say that she was a food addict, but she was not overweight in any way. She had a normal frame, with an exceptionable body and striking features. Her brown wavy hair flowed down to her mid back. That was one of the reasons she got so many customers; she was a good-looking woman. But no one ever saw her as who she really was. All they saw was a prostitute. A low down, good for nothing slut. That's all everyone saw, but that's also what Evie only let them see. She had a hard time opening up to people. Harold was the last person that she ever let get inside her mind and know her feelings, and he had betrayed her. Finally, the eggs and bacon were done and she sat down at her little table and began to eat. As she sat at the table, she began to read the L.A Times. It was the basic news, a murder here and a robbery there. LA was always full of crime. Evie sometimes wondered why she stayed here, but the thought always ended up leaving her mind. The rest of the day went on as usual. She went to Starbucks and got her usual mocha, and then she went to the outlet on Main Street. The outlet wasn't the most known one in LA, but she loved how it was secluded and it had her favorite stores. She entered Saks Fifth Avenue and the little doorbell chimed.

"Hey, Evie," The saleswoman, Susan, said.

"Hey," Evie said back while flashing a smile.

Susan was one of Evies only friends. The only reason she even considered Susan a friend, was because Evie was in there so much, practically everyday, and had become a usual customer.

"So," Susan said while walking over to Evie. "Anything in particular you are looking for today?"

"Oh, not really. Just maybe a new shirt," Evie replied.

So she began her hunt for a new shirt. While she was looking at a pink halter top with white flowers on it, the doorbell chimed again. In walked a tall man, about 6'2, wearing a nice black button up top and some black slacks.

"Hello," Susan said to the new customer.

"Hello," the man replied with a slight smile on his face.

"Anything I can help you with today, sir?" Susan asked him politely.

"Well, I am looking for a dress for my nieces' prom. Her favorite color is a light pink and she wants her dress to make her look like a princess," he said. Evie could easily tell that he wanted the perfect dress for his niece by the twinkle in his eyes.

"Well," Susan said with a slight laugh. "I think we may have something for her." She led him over to the gown section, which was right by the section Evie was at. She stared at the man as he stood next to her. Obviously noticing her staring, he said, "Hello." "Hi," she managed to get out while she was feeling slightly embarrassed. He looked at the top she was holding and said, "That's a very lovely shirt."

"Thank you," Evie squeaked out. She wondered if he could tell that he was making her nervous.

Finally noticing the effect he had on her, he said, "My name is Ian. Ian Lortifan." He offered a hand out to Evie.

"Pleasure to meet you," she said. "I'm Evelyn, but everyone calls me Evie." 'Oh!' Evie thought to herself. 'I cannot believe I just told a stranger my nickname.'

" Pleasure's all mine…Evie," Ian said with a devilish smile on his face. "Since you have such good fashion sense, would you mind helping me pick out a prom dress for my niece?"

"Sure," Evie responded after a short pause.

So she began to look through the many dresses for one that looked like it was made for a princess. While she was looking, she noticed that Ian was staring at her. "What?" She asked inquisitively.

"Oh, nothing," he replied. He was a bad liar. But Evie just forgot about it and continued looking. She noticed him staring at her again.

"What?" Evie asked, getting rather annoyed. "Well, I am just so taken aback by your beauty," he said. Evie could see that that was hard for him to say, so she decided to be polite.

"Thank you, that's very…kind of you." Ian gave a slight chuckle.

"I am not very good with women," he confessed. "I always mess things up when I talk to them!"

Evie just started laughing. "I like a man who can tell the truth."

"Well, I may not be as honest as you think," Ian whispered in Evie's ear.

"Hmph. It seems all men are like that. Every single one is a liar." Evie started to walk away, but Ian grabbed her arm.

"Hey wait," Ian said. "Let me take you out to lunch to apologize for my rudeness. My treat?"

Evie paused for a moment, then looked at her watch. She had a little extra time so she decided why not?

"Fine," she said, sounding very reluctant about it. "Lunch sounds lovely."