Chapter 10

It was 2 am, and Randy Toreador was still sitting at his desk, contemplating this case.

"You want any coffee before I leave for the night?" Randy's assistant, Mike, asked.

"No, no," Randy said. "I'll probably be leaving here pretty soon." But the truth was that Randy knew he would probably have an all-nighter. He did want some coffee, but no body in this police station knew how he liked his coffee.

"Alright chief," said Mike. "I'll see you tomorrow."

So Randy was left alone in his station to continue to try and figure out this homicide. Deciding to review the story again, he pulled up the file report.

Ian Lortifan

29 years old



Brown hair

190 pounds


Body Description: Slashes found on upper body and smaller ones on legs. Possible choking.

After reviewing the file more, he looked into the pictures. The pictures were gruesome, and the attacker obviously meant to kill. Randy had seen many other homicides, but there was something about this case that made him think that there was something more to it. While he was deep I his thoughts, the telephone rang and almost made Randy jump.

"Hello?" Randy answered.

"Yea, hi Randy. This is Carl on 47th street. There's been an accident."

"Alright Carl. I'll be there in a second."

Randy reluctantly closed up the file on his computer, and headed out the door. He hated it when he was interrupted while he was doing work.

He arrived at the scene at 2:35 am, just as the paramedics were leaving. After watching them drive off, he headed over to Carl's car. As he was walking over to him, he watched the passing cars slow to try and see what was going on. Inwardly, he smiled to himself. People were always so curious at whatever was happening. Reaching Carl's car, Randy tapped on his window. At the sound of his tap, he saw Carl jump slightly. But Randy wasn't going to make any sly jokes like he usually would. Carl was one of the new recruits, and Randy wanted to make the kid feel like he was part of the team.

"H-Hey Randy," Carl said.

"Hey there Carl. So we got a two-car accident. What else can you tell me?"

"Well," Carl began. "One of the drivers, of the Civic over there, was a 27 year old female. She was not drunk and she had her license. The other driver, of the Taurus, was a 41-year-old male. He wasn't drunk, and he also had a valid license."

"What does the witness think?" Randy asked.

"Well, the witness is a teenager about the age of 17, she is right over there. She say that the Civic was speeding way over the speed limit and head straight on into the Taurus who was turning at a green light. She also says that the Civic ran that red light over there (pointing to the far right)."

"So she thinks that it would be the little Civics fault?"

"Yes, I guess so," Carl concluded.

"Alright, thanks Carl."

"No problem."

Randy slapped Carl on the back and started to walk over to the young female witness. She was leaning against a fire truck and was wrapped in a blue blanket.

"Howdy m'am," Randy said while tipping his hat.

"Hello officer, err, chief," she said noticing his special uniform.

"Can you please tell me exactly what happened here tonight?"

"Yes, I will try to do the best job I can," she paused to think over what she was going to say, and then she continued. "Alright, I was driving along in my yellow BMW, the one right over there, when a speeding Honda came zooming past me…"

"And how fast do you think that the car was going?" Randy asked.

"Oh, I don't know, maybe 75 mph."

"Ok… please continue," said Randy while jotting down something in a little notepad.

"Anyways, after the car passed me, I watched it continue down the road, because I was quite angry at it. So while I was watching it, there was a red light about 50 yards ahead of it, but it did not slow down or stop. Well, that light there on the right side was green and cars were turning from it. Then the poor Taurus was the unfortunate one who happened to be turning when the Honda was speeding by. The Honda went WHAM! into the Taurus on the side, and that's about it." The teenager concluded.

"Randy was finishing writing his notes into the book and said, "Alright miss, that will be enough for tonight. You can go home now."

The girl gave a nod and walked back to her BMW and drove off. Randy watched her drive off, and then went over to the crash sight to take a good look at it himself, though he doubted that there would be any more evidence.

He stepped into the crash site where there was glass sprinkled everywhere, and began to look at the ground to see if there was anything interesting. Just when he was about to walk away, he noticed a small little piece of what looked to be plastic. He bent over and picked it up, thinking that he recognized it from somewhere. Finally he remembered what it was; every police officer should know what it was. The little black piece of what appeared to be plastic was a tracking device. 'Why would something like this be near a car crash?' Randy thought. 'Who would be tracking one of these cars?' Not really knowing if this was something of importance or not, he decided to put it into a baggy and place it in his coat pocket. He would've given it to one of the investigators, but he never really trusted the FBI all that much.

Slowly he began to walk back to his own police car, and head down to the hospital. He wanted to see the people that were in this accident and ask them a few questions of his own. Stepping on the gas pedal, he took off towards the hospital.