The light flickers across the sheets and curtains, casting distorted shadows. His fingers trace my backbone, sending shivers through my body. Those three fingers sending fear twisting around my body, snaking around all hope that was left.

His lips brush my neck, his hands grip my waist. I cringe and try to pull back.

Now I feel my shirt being slipped over my head. It is all becoming a daze, as if I am watching my body lay there on the bed.

"No!" I want to scream. "Stop, don't do this to me!" my heart cries. My heart, however, does not stop him.

His hands stroke my bare breasts. Though they are warm, it sends chills through my body.

Soon I am balanced above his body. We are joined, as if we are one. This is not how things should be.

The room spins around me, as if I were drunk. I try to escape his touch, but my body won't cooperate.

At last he is gone. I am left with a smoking candle and an empty bed. My tears come as no comfort to my broken body.