She's storybook perfection

gleaming at rainbows in the dark

sipping air out of little porcelain tea cups

talking to an imaginary friend that she named

-No One-

and shes just a child stuck in a

much-too-grown-up body

screaming in song "look at me now"

but you wont,

knowing it's truly your fault

but she loves being lost.

Wrapping herself in dress-up clothes

and too much glitter,

Falling dramatically to the floor

in a pretty princess pink as the sky dress

that beautifully shows her scars.

She's drowning in doll smiles and lullabies

and singing,


"Wishing wishing on a star

Not too close, I'm just as far

Keep away now, let me dream

Let me die in muffled scream"


She's storybook perfection

(deranged and oh so lovely)

and she's loving every minute.