October 1st

Sitting on the radiator

I just got home from school and am sitting on the radiator in my uniform. My uniform is one of those dumb Britney Spears things. Knee socks, plaid skirt, blouse, tie and sweater. My underwear is the only thing protecting me from the radiator, but I don't mind. I like the feeling of the radiator on my skin. I'm drawing this tree that I can see below my apartment window. I like in San Fransisco and that's how it is. Everyone lives in an apartment building and I live with my older sister. My mom used to live with us, but right now shes staying with her dying mom. I would be there, I would prefer there, but I have to keep going to high school. Junior year is the most important year and all. Not that I really care, but then again maybe that's the reason that I'm in the situation that I'm in. I probably won't get into a good college, maybe podunk U or soemthing, but nothing better than that.

AIM – sn: LittleHottScholGrl


Sara: youxaintxnething

Drew: FootballQB49

Meliz: Livestrongyellow

Akina: VampireRedCorset

FootballQB49: Hey whats up little school girl?

LittleHottScholGrl: Nothing yet. I was drawing that tree earlier. Remember?

FootballQB49: That's right, you told me about that. I hate our English class. It's so boring.

LittleHottScholGrl: I like it. My friends and I are pretty loud, aren't we?

FootballQB49: Yeah. You guys are.

LittleHottScholGrl: Did you expect less of me?

FootballQB49: No not at all. I love you for it though.

LittleHottScholGrl: Thanks. I was born quiet and I became loud by choice.

FootballQB49: LOL. You crack me up.

LittleHottScholGrl: I know, I try.

VampireRedCorset:Hey! Hows it going?

LittleHottScholGrl: It's pretty good. No major drama.

VampireRedCorset: You still rocking the apartment with the sis?

LittleHottScholGrl:Yeah. Its nice. How bout you? Hows the dorm room.

VampireRedCorset: It's been better, I must say that.

LittleHottScholGrl: I see, I see.

VampireRedCorset: You talking to your lover boy?

LittleHottScholGrl: Drew is not my lover boy.

LiveStrongyellow: Hey! You talking to ur lover, Drew?

LittleHottScholGrl: You and Akina have the wrong idea.

VampireRedCorset: You have the wrong idea.

LittleHottScholGrl: Whatever.

LiveStrongyellow: Shes totally in love with him.

VampireRedCorset: I know, she just doesn't want to admit it.

LiveStrongyellow: Would you? He is a lot more popular than she is. And I know she feels like a sell out for liking him.

VampireRedCorset: She shouldn't think that. She deserves better anyway. Someone more her style, like someone with a mowhawk.

LiveStrongeyellow: Exactly.