Everything went wrong when I saw your body there; tucked into the sterile, white sheets of the hospital bed. You looked like a body, not a person.

There were tubes running across and into your lacerated body. A steady beeping noise echoed through the room. It was a comfort to me in its consistency.

My eyes filled with tears, and when I tried to push them back they only ran down my cheeks. I wiped them away with a jacked covered fist. I didn't want you to see me crying.

Everything wasn't going to be okay. This wasn't going to end like a happy movie where you pull out of this.

Your parents had called me here to say goodbye; to be with you when you breathed your last.

I clenched my fist as I thought of the man who did this to you. He had been trying to drink away his troubles, to drown the pain. When he left the bar he was in no shape to be driving.

He didn't even see you until he hit your motorcycle. He didn't even slow down, he just went straight through the red light.

More tears wet my cheeks as I leaned in close and whispered in your ear.

"Remember when we went through the drive-through at Mc Donald's six times in a row? Remember how we would always switch English books? Remember how we planned all those practical jokes in math class?"

My voice cracks and tears drip down onto your pillow. I keep going though.

"Remember when we went on that class trip and the bus broke down? Remember when that teacher kept us after class for no reason? Remember how we 'ran away together'? Remember… me?"

I can't go on, I burry my face in your pillow. This is hard to let go of your best friend of eight years.

I think of how empty life will be without you. Now I am bawling into your pillow. Somehow it doesn't seem worth it to go on without you.

After I suppress some of my tears I stroke your hair and say how much I will miss you.

Your mom and dad come into the room. It must be so tough on them to lose their only child.

Why did it have to be you? Why now? We had plans for tonight. We had plans for life. All that man had was debt and enemies waiting when he sobered up. You had your life waiting for you. We were going to graduate from high school in three months. We were going to college together. We had plans.

He didn't. He wanted to escape from his life, but instead he robbed you of yours. He took my best friend. He took your parents only child.