Crust of depth.

Hold your breath

Live on a memory

Oxygen ain't enough for me

...I see into you.

Fail every test-

You push me to the edge

Smile on an enchanting face

That madness in your eyes

and I absorb the abyss.

Bond of every kiss,

A death wish...

Understand the exquisite pain,

a trophy that you gave me.

A trophy that will kill thee

(dance on our grave).

You're in a concave mirror

Believe it is one-sided

Are you on my side?

A gun to my back...

The madness...ours alone,

Knock me into infinity.

Cry without me,

We will Sing together again.

I despise this.

So suffocate, my love.

Expectation like weeds in absense.

Anxiousness- the bulb,

Burns our wings,

Widens the Pitch.

Suffocate, my love.

The Kiss of Life awaits us.