Spring Break Memories By:Andrew Troy KeIler

You know,I do believe that whenever you go with your college friends to Miami for Spring Break,it actually becomes quite unclear about what type of memories you'll soon be able to recieve,but that was until my Baldwin-Wallace buddies had arrived at the hotel and checked ourselves in.

It was after we've gotten our hotel room keys,picked up our bags and started following the bellhop up to our rooms that I've accidently bumped into this one babe who looks more like she should be one of Playboy Magazine's monthly Playmates than just a college student from UCLA.

Just then,after I've helped her get back on her feet,we've looked at each other's eyes and suddenly discovered a certain chemistry going on between us--and that chemistry was none other than true love.

Later that evening,while we were enjoying our dinner inside her hotel room,the UCLA student whose name happens to be Katherine Redford and I had suddenly touched our hands,looked at each other's eyes for a minute or two and kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

And then,after we've experienced our own moment of erotic pleasure and placed my nude body on top of hers,I've moved my lips close to Kathy's ear and whispered,"Will you marry me?"

And after she had smiled and said "Yes",Kathy and I had wrapped our nude arms around each other and it had became one of the best Spring Break memories of my life.