"Raindrops of Memories" By Cassandra Freiborg 2/27/05

In the dark of the night,

while the rain falls slowly,

I look out my window,

The clouds look so lonely.

Hours have passed,

since I've wanted some sleep,

but theres something in my head,

thoughts buried to deep.

The rainfall is soothing,

but how long can it last?

I hope that by tomarrow morning,

the storm hasn't passed,

Because it brings back memories,

of a person I used to be,

as a girl I sat outside in storms,

drenched, and happy to be me.

And my father was there,

sitting right beside me,

when did he drift so far away,

how come I didn't see?

But thats all in the past now,

things will never be the same,

I just wish that I could go back,

and make a better change.

And I close my eyes,

as the rain starts to fade,

wishing with all my heart,

that it would stay.

Most of all I want you here,

looking into your eyes so deep,

and in the last bits of falling rain,

I'd finally be able to sleep.