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Warnings: Cutting, homosexuality, slight violence will show up at one point or another...nothing too graphic. Also, I am completely AGAINST cutting. This story is not Pro-cutting, and neither am I. I know too many people who do it. It upsets me. But that makes it reality, and that's in this story. I don't cut. I never have. I may be slightly inaccurate...but if you know how it feels, then go. Talk. To. Someone.


"That'll be 5.75" The teen behind the counter said. I raised an eyebrow. "Oh, what the hell. Biggie size it" I shrugged. She nodded. "6.25" I handed her the money.

And they wonder why the Obesity Epidemic runs rabid through America.

Lindzi ordered...a salad...I blinked. "That's it?" I asked. She nodded. I shrugged again. Whatever rocks her boat. Squeaky and Matt got burgers and fries.

Lindzi looked at Squeaky, interested. "Who gets you so angry?" I smirked at him. He blushed. "Just...everyone" He mumbled. "People back off 'cause we're different" I explained. "And terribly intimidating" I grinned. Matt chuckled. I turned my wristband around my...wrist? "That's a bad thing?" Lindzi asked. I just stared at her. "You...you're joking, right?" Matt asked, puzzled. She put her head down, knowing she must've said something dumb, but apparently not knowing what it was. "You think it's fun having everyone be, like, afraid of you?" Squeaky asked in amazement. "Aww, no one's afraid of you, Squeak, and you know it!" I hugged him. Matt and Lindzi laughed. It was true, though. Squeaky was funny and just-so-little!!

Okay...more sugar in the cokes than I thought.

"So, Roxie, what are we doing tonight?" Matt wanted to know. "We-ell..." I twisted a strand of hair around my finger. "I wanted to see Troy..." I grinned. "I LOVE ORLANDO!!" Lindzi cheered. I smiled, it felt good having another girl in the group. "We'll meet behind the shed at the school" I decided. Our school is in a pretty good spot-up the block, it's Wendy's, down, it's the theatre. "Sounds good...um...Can you make it, Lindzi?" Squeaky asked. I grinned. Oh, wow, the adorable-ness. "Um. I-I guess" She said nervously. "Great" Matt and I said. to my house first" I suggested. "Err...where do you live?" Lindzi asked. "23 Davis Street" Squeaky told her. "Come 'round six, alright?" I said. "Okay" The three of them chorused.


"Lindzi Marie!" My mother was standing in our front room by the door. "Oh...hey Mom" I said. Like I wasn't an hour late. "Where were you all afternoon?" She thundered. Well, I couldn't tell her I'd been cutting myself and eating Wendy's. Something told me self-mutilation followed by fast food wouldn't go over too well. "I went over my friend Roxie's house" I swallowed hard. At the same time, I felt strangely calm.

"And did what?" My mother demanded. I sighed. "We...did some homework. Ate some pizza." My mother's voice changed all of a sudden. I bit my lip. It wasn't normal. I'd read my Shakespeare. I knew all about the daggers in my mother's smile. "That sounds okay" She grinned. "Just call next time, okay, honey?" "Mhm" That reminded me. "Oh, um, she wanted to know if I could see...Shrek 2 tonight with her, Mom. Can I? She wants me at her house by six." "The movies? At night? Oh...I don't know, honey..." "Her mother's going with us" That wasn't a lie. I was pretty sure she'd go with us. None of my friends would go to the movies by themselves.

"Well, then, I guess it's okay. Be back by ten or I'm sending your father out" I blinked, surprised it'd been that easy. "No problem" "And clean your room first"

There's always a catch. I knew my room wasn't that messy, but I also knew she'd find some way to make me feel as though some wild animal had gotten in and completely screwed it up. Because while God has 10 commandments, my mom has around 100, mostly concerning the state of my room.

I straightened it up best to my ability and called in my mom to tell her I was done. "You're not done!" She sighed .I was a terrible person. "Get this water out of here! And you need to vacuum.... And take the dust off the nightstand...oh, Lindzi, can't you just keep your room clean? And when are you getting your homework done?"

My arm started tingling. I suddenly wanted nothing more than the satisfactions of slicing a razor down my arm. Making myself bleed to let her neurotic ways out. I resisted and just grabbed the vacuum. "Can I please. Go. Now?" I asked. "I need a phone number" I sighed, angry with myself. Was I really so dumb as to not have Roxie's number? Or so friendless and lonely that I didn't even know to ask for it?

I looked it up and gave it to her. "656-5776" I told her. "Bye" I ran before she could stop me.

As I was walking, I started thinking about how the teenage years really suck. There's pressure from all sides already-to be liked, to be smart, to have a hobby, to be a good person. I didn't need the pressure of having to be perfect. But according to my mom, it was all that I needed. I didn't. Especially when I already knew I was a screw-up. Nothing I could do would ever be good enough for her.

It occurred to me that that was one of the reasons I liked Roxie so much. So far, we hadn't done a single thing my mother would be proud of.