Bungee Jumping

One day, sitting in my room

My friend and I were bored

It was I who spoke up:

"Hey!" I said, "Let's bungee-jump

"At the pool off of the high board!"

They emptied it just yesterday

The pool was twelve feet deep

We grabbed the cords and off we went

(We made sure to keep discreet)

I went first; I tied the cord

Off of the high-dive ledge

I made sure it was really tight

And off away I went

I plummeted down the whole way through

But something was going wrong

The rope just wasn't going tight

The rope was way too long…


I went flying to the concrete floor

"Cool!" I said, as I looked up

Just in time to see my friend soar

The cord, I saw, he cut in half

And down, down, down he soared

But to my horror, I realized

His rope was way to short!

Up he bounced, the way he came

His head colliding with the board WHAM!

The cord then snapped, and down he came

Down to the concrete floor SLAM!

We glanced at each other, shook our heads

And lay down on the drain

Bungee jumping was really cool

And we're doing it again!