This is to be done in a special format, with colors to show the different speakers, just like on IM. Without it, the poem is not nearly as meaningful, and for that I apologize. But try to enjoy it anyway, andpay attention to who's saying what, and you might still get it. This is a riddle, by the way.

Simmer Sun: watch to pass

WatchfulBeast: dont' look back

CarefulWitness: witness sky

Simmer Sun: but cant' say nothin

LetdownDiva: cuz into mirror i 1st stepped

Tear-DropMiracleGrl: down down deeper

CarefulWitness: where dangers' kept

WatchfulBeast: cuz dragons coming

LetdownDiva: this way run fast

Tear-DropMiracleGrl: u are going to need miracle fast

Simmer Sun: cuz dragons wait for no man

WatchfulBeast: nor do they stop for no mans' land

CarefulWitness: they dont' want money

CarefulWitness:nor money or sand

Tear-DropMiracleGrl: just attention

Simmer Sun: thats' all they need

WatchfulBeast: ur their target

CarefulWitness: no doubt about it

LetdownDiva: uv' got gold all about

LetdownDiva: u u u

Tear-DropMiracleGrl: and u might care

Simmer Sun: might take the dare

WatchfulBeast: to take on their needs

For who alone can stand pure greed?