Visions haunt my dreams

Every night while I'm asleep

I would tell you

If I figured you'd care;

I mentioned it once before

But you just shooed me away,

But if I'm always there for you,

Why can't you be there for me?

Just once,

Listen to me,

I know you don't want to,

But please help me out,

Because if I'm supposed to

Know all the answers,

Then why can't I figure out my life

Or figure out myself;

Why am I confused

When no one comes to help,

But only to ask me of help,

And yell when I don't know

What the answers to their life are,

But how can I answer your questions,

If I don't know the answers to mine;

Why does everyone expect me

To be the fence everyone leans on,

But now who'll help me

To stand as I fall down,

But the pleas just keep getting louder;

I try to yell back,

But as a fence, I have no voice,

And no legs to stand back up on,

So will someone come help me?

Or will I lie here forever,

Just waiting for someone who cares,

Someone with a heart,

Without all the self-pride and conceitedness,

But I guess they're all gone,

Never to come back

And I hope they all fall,

With no one to pick them back up,

And I'll just sit and laugh,

While they scream at me to help them,

But I won't be able to help them,

Because I've fallen,

And nobody ever helped me up.

I believe that this poem still portrays my true feelings. Review, please, for it helps me to write.