With a cry and a shimmer

The silver leaf fell with a murmur

From its mother who stood proud and tall.

It sat with its sisters,

And laughed with its brothers

As they flew through the Summer towards Fall.

A child who claimed it found,

Placed the leaf on her crown,

That fit so perfectly with her hair golden brown.

The sun on her dress,

And the moon in her tress,

She ran fast through the great forests of Fall.

Whirling 'round with her spear,

Into the winter she danced,

Fighting her way without a backward glance.

She ran to the Spring,

Filled with the flowers that sing,

Where she came to rest at her favorite tree.

Out of her golden hair

She plucked the silver leaf,

And set it on the branches now bare.

The leaf with its mother

Gave life to another

And the great tree stood with children once more.