Like the stars above

I look up at the stars every night

Wondering if you're going to return to me

I love you so...

But you left!

The stars shine with such light that I can hardly believe that you're not here

With me to look upon these beautiful glowing dots in the sky!

They say true love last forever!

But how can that be when you have left me?

I hope that one day you will return...

Having figured out that you are loved!

We may be coursed...but that doesn't mean we have to stop

Come back to me my love!

And honor me with your oh so tender kisses

That feel like the wings of butterflies against my soft skin

Your hands in my hair

Your sweet voice whispering what I wish to hear!

Tears fill my eyes as I turn away from the sky

I cannot live without you my darling

Your wonderful eyes give me peace in my world that is beginning to fade every single day.

Wrapping my arms around me for comfort

I curled up on my bed and wept for you

Because my darling you don't really know how much I miss you!

How much I hold you dear in my heart for all eternity

Because like the stars above

That is our love!