In school I was bored

I was limp as a cord

As dead as a doorknob can be

I needed some action!

Math wasn't my passion

And wild thoughts overcame me…

Suddenly, I was crazy,

No longer so lazy,

I ran out the door, quick as could be

I ran past the classrooms

Screaming something 'bout mushrooms

The teachers could hardly believe

I ran to Ms. Grady

The cafeteria lady

And asked for some cookies and cheese

Eyes wide and wild,

She said, "Calm down child!"

But I ran away, screaming my glee

Next, to the library

My twisted face scary

I destroyed all the books about bees

With the librarian so shocked

That she couldn't even talk

I dashed out the door, unfazed as could be

The adults were distressed

What made me such a mess?

They figured they had to catch me

So a plan they devised

With the councilor's advice

They locked me in room 403

After an hour

I ran out of power

I passed out on the floor, still laughing

So now I'm suspended

My insanity's ended

That's how dangerous boredom can be.