Choices and Consequences

Vulgarity oozes from your sour lips

I pity the many sluts you have kissed

Your drugged-up "friends" and you party all night

Honestly believing you're having the time of your life

Changing subjects with every other word you speak

Your drugs of choice: marijuana, stimulents, LSD

Not to mention the alcoholic poison you drink

Bottle after bottle; you just don't think

Judgement impaired, you're horny as hell

You've got plenty of girls to help you quell

All your repulsive, sexual desires

They'll make them real; they won't retire

Until you're satisfied as if you were in the heavens above

And you have the nerve to call this love?

You wouldn't know love if it bit you

Right where you wanted those girls to do whatever they do

Two "honeys" and a "baby" later

You think it would be fun to invite me over

I blew my top; I cussed you out many times

You deserved it for ever thinking I'd screw up my life

All for the sake of a little "fun"

You and me, as the friends we once were, are totally done

So call me what you want, I don't care what you say

I'd never see you again if I had it my way

And I will

Because it's my choice now