Author's Note: What a poetic itch I've been getting these days...this one's roughly about my life lately...just felt like letting it out...hehehe ;)Enjoy!!!!


The ground stretches out before me
I'm running to a place I still can't see
But there's one thing on my mind
I'm now leaving everything behind

The sky is splashing into hues orange and red
The sunset glares at me from up ahead
I feel nothing but the wind at my feet
And the pressure of the chances I know I must meet

Halfway through, haunting memories return from the past
Hot on my trail, catching up with me fast
But I run farther, and I do away
With the despairing events of yesterday

Iridescent faces swim before my eyes
Faces of truth and faces of lies
Faces from the previous pages of my history
Faces that built me up and faces that broke me

I run to have no regrets
I run to truly forget
Everything that happened, everything I knew before
I run to find something better, something more

And so I move forward as the sidelines blur
Leaving my past behind forever
I'm running...away from here, to start anew
Away from the past...away from you.

Author's Note: Not much to again please!!!!