When will I break?

It's only a matter of time

Before I collapse beneath the pressure

Grades are slipping

Sliding all around

Room's a complete disaster

Can't see the floor

But those are just minor things

I'm so ugly; it's not even funny

I feel fat

I know I'm not

But you guys pounding it in each day

Doesn't help the slightest bit

I was fine with it all

until you all started to laugh at me

Make me feel like I was something

Like I was someone

Who I told myself I'd never be

Thanks for that

And on top of all this

I can't tell you how I feel

I'm crying every moment on the inside

You can't see my tears

Feel my pain

You never could

You don't know what it's like

To be me

To be made out to be

Someone I don't wanna be

All because you all think it's funny

All because you practically love her and not me

All because I have no confidence left

I'm drained of any self esteem I once had

But that's past tense

"I once had"

You don't know what it's like

To feel like you are nothing

Ugly, fat, a monster

A dumb, impulsive, did I mention ugly

Ditzy, clumsy, depressed girl

But I'm fragile

You still don't know that

After all this time

I'm gonna break

Gonna scream

Gonna freak

And when I do, I may say

Words I may later regret

So I'm sorry

For being under extreme amounts or pressure

For being discouraged each day

For having my confidence snatched from my fragile mind

For being human