A/N": This is the shortest chapter ever. Also the last one for this story. I just needed to tie up Damien and Turean's kid. Keep a look out for these guys, they'll be making many appearances and then, sometime down the road… Don't you guys wanna hear about Hakon? Or Saska?

Chapter Thirty one

Damien smiled down at the little blonde furball in his arms, his eyes leaking tears at the sight. His heart was just so very full, love for his mate and now his son causing the organ to swell and pump with a rhythm that could never be matched. Never in his life had he felt so complete, so perfect and so content. Who would have thought that just popping out a kid could do it for him, he certainly wouldn't have. But looking down at the four day old kit in his arms, he knew no other thoughts than happiness.

"My family," Turean's voice rumbled softly into Damien's ear, his chin propped on the Earthling's shoulder as he too gazed down on the babe. Turning his face, he placed a warm kiss to said ear, "You have completed my world, beautiful. And to think had I never come to Earth we would have forever been apart."

Damien, despite feeling rather awkward at the man's words, found himself ridiculously happy to hear them. "That's not possible," he whispered back, "We were like… destined." He blushed as he said it.

Both men smiled as the kit opened a lazy black eye to stare at the whispering couple, clearly displeased by the noise.

"He may have my coloring," Turean laughed, "But I fear he will have his bearer's temperment."

Damien scowled, "And just what is wrong with that?"

The kit eyed them again before letting out a loud yowl of displeasure.

"Ah, Saska, shush up ya little grouch," Damien said playfully, as he lifted the kit up to do some eyeing of his own.

Turean laughed, his mind wandering to the future and lively household he knew he would hold dear. The laughter and joy of raising his son, watching him grow into a man, mate and have kits of his own. It was a pity he had but one to look after truly. "Let's have another," he said offhandedly.

The earthling jerked his head towards his mate, "What?"

"Let's have another. No kit should grow up alone. Of course Saska will have Hakon to play with-"

"Exactly," the brunette cut in. "And he'll have us."

"So? Brother's are lovely."

"How the hell would you know?"

"Well, I've heard such anyway."

"You're so…." He broke off into laughter, shaking his head at himself and his mate. "I don't think I'll ever get tired of bickering with you."

Turean grinned, "I don't think you'll every get tired of bickering in general."


Turean was quick to still his mouth with a kiss.

---- ----

Toby watched Sariphan, the man so strong, so beautiful was so unbelievably his. He watched as the Shodan concentrated so hard on the matters of his country, shifting through files containing programs and life-files for hours on end to ensure the very best life for his people. The life of this particular branch of royalty was anything but glamorous, he worked hard for the planet and made time for his people in weekly open-meetings. He even made time for his mate and son-

"I'll always make time for you two, my love," Sariphan said softly, his muscular body leaned back comfortably in his seat. "You two are the air I breathe, the blood in my veins, I need you to be with me always."

"How do you do that?" Toby wanted to know, too flustered by the man's words to focus on them overlong. "You always seem to know what I'm thinking."

"I'm attached to you, beautiful. My heart beats the same rhythm as yours. I need only the shift in your emotions to lead me to the correct conclusion," he stood then and came to his mate, encircling the smaller man in his arms. "We are two halves to the same whole, fitted together in a mighty circle that knows no end."

Toby readily accepted the sugary sweet kiss that followed and took no pains in pushing it to more.

Sariphan shuttered as the small blond boldy smoothed his hand from his chest to his crotch. "Where is Hakon?"

"You had me hire a night nanny, remember?"


Toby gasped then giggled delightedly as his mate swept him into his arms bridal-style.

The End