A poem inspired by a poem. Two lines from it that I incorporated with mine:

She is made beneath my arms to be protected
She is created near my heart to be loved." - Annonymous

My Other Half
February 22, 2005
- calm afternoon

If heaven permits me to take her
I will with no second thought
If hell lets me be to court her
I will without a doubt

Alone I walk the path I chose
Alone I tread on the dreams I toil
I've forgotten the peace that she bid
While I rove that winding road
Clueless, I strolled, of the love
Angels don't comprehend
And demons are jealous of

God has grant me a second chance to make her mine
Now I'm on my way to seek my other spine
Born to be my equal
She was made beneath my arms to be protected
Destined to be my soul mate
She was created near my heart to be loved

Even if my kind will not cease to pry us apart
I will not let go of the love that holds my heart
Even if Hades curse our holy matrimony
Heaven bless our lives to abide in unity

I know she waits for me with a hope
That will surely soar throughout all ages
Her hope aids kindle my faith
And prevents me from falling o'er the edges

I will fight for her in this realm and the other
With my every thread of life I venture
This I believe worth my all
For I've come to know she's my only other half