"A place" by Cassandra F. 2/25/05
Pack your bags,
we're leaving tonight,
I cant stay here any longer,
can't keep up this fight.
I'll leave them this poem,
a token of me that they'll find,
maybe they'll never see it,
or never have the time.
Its Ok with me,
right now I just don't care,
I'd give everything I have,
just to be away from here.
The dawn it seems to crush me,
the day it drags by so slow,
night, it brings the relief of sleep,
dreams giving me places to go.
It'll never be enough,
to drink myself away,
because liquor won't drown out,
all the words I have to say.
I know you think I'm foolish,
and you think it's just a phase,
but you don't feel the ache in my heart,
that longs to get away.
I'd roam the Earth forever,
if I could get a start,
I'd be happy, wandering forever,
for a place to hold my heart.