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The Dorm (Yay for stupid titles. )

Griffin opened the door to his new dorm. He looked around, seeing the two beds and the bathroom and everything else. "This is like an apartment." He noticed someone's stuff already out on the bed to the right, so he took the left one.

He looked up from putting his stuff down as a boy came out of the bathroom. "Oh… Hi! You must be… uh…" He tried to remember the name on the boards.

"August." The boy grunted, sitting on his bed. His auburn hair fell over his eyes, so Griffin couldn't tell what colour they were. The boy wore baggy black jeans with chains on them, and a Green Day hoodie. (GREEN DAY ROX MY CHEEZ-ITS BOX… another quote of mine…) Griffin guessed he was at least 5'11.

Griffin himself was tall. He was around 6'3 and had blonde hair and brown eyes. His girlfriend died it brown underneath and at the tips; she said it made him more attractive, but Griffin didn't really care about that at all. He was the captain of the football team, but he was very bright, too. He had almost a bubbly personality and got along with just about everyone.

"You're not one of those tape people are you?" Griffin blurted out.

"… Tape people?"

"Yeah, like, you put a line of tape in the middle of the room, and say, 'This side is mine! Don't cross that line!' Hey that rhymes…"

"You're a poet and you didn't know it." August said, smiling slightly. "And no, I'm not. Just don't touch my stuff without permission. Unless it's a CD. But… I doubt you listen to what I do."

"I like Green Day."

"… Well then… I guess you can borrow a CD."


"… And I hate football, just so you know."

"Okay. I guess I won't talk that with you." Griffin laughed, and August shook his head, but smiled as he did so.

"Well… I better go. My classes start soon, so… see ya 'round." Griffin said, opening the door and waving. August did a one handed wave, as Griffin shut the door.

"… He's so hot." August groaned, falling backwards on his bed.

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