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The Dorm
"It's… You!" August recognized the red hair of his friend.

Tank glared at Griffin. "LET GO!"

Griffin glared right back. "Hell no. Where you spying on us?"


"… Tank?" August blinked. "Well… I guess it's all right if he knows."

"… Oh really?" Griffin said, looking at August. "I don't trust him."

"Griffin! He's my best friend! Let him go!"

"Fine." Griffin snapped, letting Tank go. Tank sneered at Griffin, turning to August.

"You're with him?"

"… You knew I was gay."

"Yeah but not that he was!"

"Tank, swear not to tell anybody!"


"… Tank…?"


"I want to hear the words come out of his mouth." Griffin hissed.

"… I swear." Tank said, glaring at Griffin.

"… If you don't… you know I… I could… um…" He blushed. "I could tell people about you!"

Tank snapped his head to August. "You wouldn't."

August nodded. "Please don't. Griffin's making me really happy!"

"… Hmph."

August smiled sadly, looking at Griffin. "Let's… Let's go back to the room."

"Right." Griffin took August's hand gently, but he didn't know why. Perhaps he felt he needed to show August that no matter who knew about them, he intended to stay with August.

As they walked away, disappearing into the building, Tank chuckled. "Stupid August. Too naïve." He said, walking towards his own dorm room.


"So." Abby asked, looking up at the redhead. "What's happening?"

"I think he dumped for his roommate."

"… August?"


"That little rat!!" She spat, digging her nails into Tank's bedding.

"… So."

"Hm? Oh… right." Abby smirked, standing up, and pulling Tank closer. "Your payment." She said, Tank kissing her roughly.


Griffin turned the TV off, August snuggling against his chest in his sleep. Griffin smiled, looking up at the calendar.

"… One week 'til Christmas." He whispered, stroking August's hair. August only mumbled in his sleep about a giant pickle.

Griffin laughed slightly, laying back, and going to sleep as well.

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Preview: It is indeed Christmas!! August can't believe the present Griffin bought him, and Griffin is thrilled at August's present. Griffin, however, isn't stopping at just a gift in a box… Also, they receive a knock on their door and a very angry face. Looks like August is gonna have to move… and Griffin could get kicked off the team!!