Bleeding for you

By Knightmare Elite

I bleed the blood dark as red only to feel it in my head.

A gentle throbbing and my head bobbing as I lean against the bed.

I want to be free of pain and what makes me sad.

It's only how I go about it that makes me seem bad.

I don't cut for spite, retribution or simply attention.

It's my damn business beyond your comprehension.

So what if I love girls does that make me wrong?

Do you hate me for wanting to feel her pink thong?

The feel is so wonderful all sharp and slight.

With a simple knick and scrap, I see that glorious sight.

Come forth little bubble, so red and true.

I raise my arms leading a fresh trail for you.

Bleed me dry of all that I shall hate.

If not for my sins of love, than be for when I masturbate.

No one understands me like you do always ready to hear my words.

I speak her name in a chorus of fleeting white birds.

I smile to see her once again even if we can never be.

Her smile so soft and pure will never escape me.

It is so sweet and utterly beautiful I want it forever as I close my fist.

With this blade I carve it within my wrist.

I see your face, your mouth and those cute little ears.

When I pull away the razor I can see those bloody tears.

I bleed the blood as dark as red only to watch it flow from your head.

Why do they care if I love a girl, does their jurisdiction control my world?

I am who I am I don't care what they may say.

I bleed for her; feel her hear must be this way even if I may be…

You may think I cut for pleasure or to alleviate my pain.

But it is all I can do to keep our love sane.