You see me sitting on a park bench Just another kid

Is probably what comes to your mind

But if you even knew a thing 'bout me,

You would see someone different from what you thought.

Your first though is, that it isn't possible.

But I got to know, how is it not possible

How, why, who

How do you know?

Why do you think like that, so closed up

Who else thinks like you?

What I really want to know is,

Who would believe what you believe?

How do you know what I'm going through?

Why do you care that I find my interest in both genders?

I am not quit sure, though,

If I even like girls.

I am so confused, that I end up saying I like both.

But one day I'll know, and I wont be ashamed.

I am who I am, gay or straight.

Mommy wont be happy, she is against gays.

What will daddy think?

All that doesn't matter,

'cause I don't even know if I am gay.
I just hope that when the time comes,

you'll be on my side,

you'll be supportive

you'll be my friend

Even I end up liking you in the end

A/N: This is for my best friend, Tai a.k.a. Megan.