I want a guy.
Not necessarily a guy to kiss,
To make out with,
Nor to get me pregnant,
But just a guy.

Someone to hug me,
Someone to hold me,
Someone to be here for me,
And someone who I can hug,
Someone who I can hold,
Someone for me to be here for.

I want a guy that I can laugh around,
A guy I can talk to and not feel stupid.
I want a guy that can make me laugh,
Can make me smile,
Can make me feel me.

I want a guy that I mean something to,
Someone that he's glad to see,
Glad to be my friend.

A 'gentleman',
One to respect how I feel,
What I'm for,
And what I'm not for.

A guy who sees me as me,
And doesn't judge me by my friends,
Nor what I am.

Someone who comforts me,
Tells me its ok to be afraid,
Will come with me to tell.

I want a guy-
He doesn't have to be my boyfriend,
But I'd like a guy.

The guy can be cute,
The guy could be not;
He could be tall,
Or short,
Or right in between;
He could be blond,
Or dark haired,
Or whatever shade he wants;
A guy with nice eyes,
That I wouldn't get bored looking into;
A guy who'd see me for me.

Then again,
I've already said that.

I've got a great friend,
Who happens to be a guy.

He's concerned about me-
Even told.
He's here to give hugs,
Even though I can't accept;
I've asked to be held,
He says he'll see what he can do.
He's always here for me,
Yet I feel I that I'm not here for him.

I can laugh around him,
And smile my true smile;
But then again-
I feel stupid around him.
Most important of all,
He makes me feel me.

I think I mean something to him,
I hope I do.
Can't say that he's glad to see me,
Or glad to be my friend.

He's definitely a gentleman,
Respects how I feel,
What I'm for and not for.

He sees me for me,
But he knows me for me.
I don't think he judges me by my friends,
Nor who I am.

I think he'd rather be blunt,
Than comfort me-
But, hey! That's him.
He tells me its ok to be afraid,
And is he here with me to tell?

He's not my boyfriend,
But he's a guy.

I think he's cute,
Right height in between,
Blonde hair,
Blue eyes I adore,
And I think sees me for me.

I think I just need a guy who'll hold me.
Hold me and hug me,
And tell me he's there.

I need to be held,
I need to be hugged,
Just for one day-
And it'd make my life.