These are two descriptive poems about twin brothers.


Topaz orbs shinning in the light

Robes so dark there as black as night

Locks of silver swaying in the breeze

Gaze so cold it could freeze

Crimson crescent marking thou brow

When claws extend you better run now

Strips of blood marring his cheek

Beware of the demon for he is not weak

An elder brother with a heart of fire

And looks that match the grace of his sire

Never does he stop his assault

Only the words of his brother can halt


Golden irises with a youthful flare

The pain of others they cannot bear

Wearing robes of ivory silk

Skin as fare as milk

Though thou is sweet

Do not judge for beating him is quite a feat

Son of the crescent

This demon child is no peasant

Second heir to the throne

The western lands he calls home

The love of his twin he holds dear

With such a protector he has nothing to fear