The Little Glass Jar

He had a necklace

On that necklace was a small glass jar.

And in that jar stood many small, gold and red hearts.

And each heart stood for

A promise.

Now, he stared into the beautifully lined casket

Where the face of a fallen angel


And where the time in life

When all those gold and red hearts

Filled with good promises and sweet secrets


Diamonds of passion swam down his cheeks

His sober eyes, cold

As he stared at his sweetheart

And thought of all

Thos little gold and red hearts



For life and adore

And red…

For love

He tore open the permanent gold seal

That lined held all those hearts

And all those promises

He threw them into

The beautifully lined casket

And they fell



Onto his sweetheart's chest


For life and adore

And red…

For love

He walked away

With the promises of life

Still clinging to his heart

And the good promises of the future

Turned into the desperate wishes of the past

He walked away.

Leaving that fallen angel

With the promise

That he would soon come for her.