She's taking a breath and holding the air in until there's nothing left. "I'm feeling the cold sharp twist of sudden realization." she said. Her knuckles have been clenched to white for what seems like hours, and the stale taste of recycled air fills her lungs like an optimistic looking at a glass, saying it's full. Where is she? She shouldn't be here, but it felt so right to her. She should be home, with her sister, and father. This isn't fair that they're not here. This place isn't familiar. It's like being in a rainbow, but growing up in black and white. So let her take her mental medicine, which, for only this moment, will taste like sweet cherries. The kind you pick on a hot, summer day. When you can feel the sun creep in and out of the clouds, bringing its rays of warmth. She felt her hands loosing grip, but did not worry. She knew she would be like a bullet laced in the shreds of left over rainbows from the weeks past storm. She flew threw the air, not afraid if it should hurt when she landed. She hit the ground like a stone in the river, making the smallest drop but the biggest splash. She ran over to her mother and said, "I'm ready to go home."