Author's Note: Not much to say about this one....except, R&R me, I'll R&R you.

I Can Try...

Hey, what's up?

I just wanted to say

That I'm sorry I've been slipping

So far away

It's just; I don't have much hope for anything anymore

And everything I've hoped for

Has a tendency to hit the floor

I wish you could see where I'm coming from

I think you might understand

I sort of wanna maybe find out

Because I don't like being near the breaking point again

I don't know why I can't open up

It's just; it's the easier way

That way I don't need to bother you

Or try to push you away...

When I don't mind you being near

I'm sorry the thought crossed my mind

I guess opening up is my greatest fear

Because then you might know too much about me

But you already know a lot

And it kinda makes me wanna open up

I just don't know if I can

I'm willing to try to talk to you

'Cause it hurt when you were talking about friends

And how I'm not acting like one

It cut into me like a knife

Because I do want to be your friend

So, I mean, would you give me a chance?

Could you handle my low self esteem, the romance?

'Cause I want to be friends, up till the end

And I don't know if I can go on this way

It's getting harder and harder every day

But I can try, right, to talk to you...

Would it be okay?