My Darling, My Dear

I silently watch, as we sit and wait.
Stone faced and calm not feeling the pain.
The news was a shock to us all.
But you, so calm and collect.
I sit their lower lip quivering.
But still no emotion revealed.
Silently tears roll down my cheek.
I pat them away, wanting to be strong.
I grasp your hand and you hold it firm.
I can feel your pain and know where it comes from.
We walk in procession, slowly, calmly, emotion high.
Side by side, hand in hand, tears in my eyes.
The one loved and missed, sent off to heaven.
Standing, as the rain begins to fall lightly.
More tears escape my eyes alone we stand.
I turn your face to me, looking in those lost eyes.
Oh how I wish I could take that pain away.
You tighten your grasp and sadly I see.
The tears roll gently down your cheek.
Looking down, so lost it seems.
So I pull you close and hold you tight.
Innocent tears the sky sheds fall.
I hold you, looking in those lost eyes.
All the pain that you hide, coming from inside.
I hold your hand as we walk silently away.
Our grasp never breaking, tight and firm.
As we say goodbye and how we loved him so.
I can only hope, you know I'm here.
Never fear, I Love You, my darling, my dear.

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