My heart is breaking, as I sit here and wait.
Wait for this hate to drive me insane.
The pain I feel, when I just think.
I can't take it anymore.
Please don't make me endure, this pain any longer.
I need help, I need you, please help me.
I need to feel the love you bring.
Not that hateful sting, I need something.
This is not working, my pains even worse.
Could it get any worse? It just has…
Why do I feel like this?
Numb to everything except pain.
I made a promise that I wouldn't cut.
But yesterday, I nearly fell I stumbled again.
When will I be better? Happy.
You and me is all I can see.
But I can't feel us anymore I just hit the door.
Emotions just don't flow, I feel so alone.
I know you're here and I love you for that.
But why can I not feel this love?
Why does this break and destroy me?
Why can I not feel what I need too?
Do I just block, this, what will cure?
I just wish love, was the ultimate cure.
I need a new life, with no pain or loss.
I need to have faith and trust.
I need to be me and not care about what others think.
I just wish I knew, where to find the real me.

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