Blood Stained Doves

By Queen of the Kittens

A dove is a bird of peace





So I send doves

I sent doves all day

I sent doves every which way

All for nothing, nothing at all

I took back my birds

And released some crows

And sang to their song

Made of


And moans

But time twists

Still you persist

In this spiteful game

I tire of carrying all this blame

So I release the doves into the sky

Watching as them soar up high

Never do they return

Walking in the wood

Angst-y and sad

Grief over lost friendship

Driving me half-mad

I do believe I heard someone once say

Ev'ry tear cried for lost friendship

Turns into a dream

That is washed away

I trip, I fall

Over my loves

For on the ground, lie blood-stained doves