She was only sixteen
she died way too young
her life taken away
by the death of a gun.

Her grace and beauty
just faded away
all because she decided
to end her life today.

Her mother and father,
eyes full of tears
had to face
their one worst fear.

Screams and yells still lingered over
from their fight the night before
they cried the loss of a daughter
whothey always will adore.

They never really knew
that she suffered from pain
thought everything was fine,
but were they being too vain?

She was a beautiful girl
cheeks a bright rosy red
with locks of golden hair
tumbling lightlyfrom her head.

Her face always lit up
whenever she would smile
Then her parents realized...
she hadn't done that in awhile.

Well, its been one week
since that horrid fateful day
there's freshly picked flowers
and her newly dug grave.

I stand deadly still
tears streaming down my cheek
without you here
our lives will be bleak.

We were perfect friends
completely inseparable
we stood side by side
so firmly un-moveable.

You were only sixteen
you died way to young
your life taken away
by the death of a gun.