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I know everyone's said it

Or thought it once or twice

But coming from you

It didn't sound nice

So yea, I'm gonna yell

And yes, I'm gonna scream

I'll tell you I love you

Until you believe

Cuz you have too much to live for

And too many places to see

You shouldn't want to end it now

You should want to see things be

And what about the rest of us?

What are we supposed to do?

Am I supposed to just live without

One of my best friends, that would be YOU?

You know, I know you're smarter then this

There's no way your this dense

I can't believe your considering this

All it's gonna do is bring on hell

And yea, you'll be gone

But I'll still be here

Miserable and sad

Cuz you won't be there

So if not for you're sake, then mine

Don't do anything you're gonna regret sometime

And you know I love you, and I got to know

That when I need you there, you'll show

In person, cuz spirit won't cut it

If you care at all, you'll stop contemplating

Thoughts that nobody should be having

Cuz this will end, maybe not for a while

But when it does it should end not with a shot, but with a smile

The day will come, really it will

Cuz you don't deserve less

So just relax and enjoy life

I know it hurts but there's more to it

Then what's bothering you

Cuz as hurt as you are

There's good things, too

Like the time we were at your house

And Dracula was playing with matches

Or at Pyro's house

Watching the Matrix

And how about the time

We stayed after

"Head, shoulders, knees, floor"

I want to live that again

And the best thing you could do, to win

Is to live and be able to say

"All the torture you put me through means nothing, I'm still happy today"

So I hope this helps, and I hope you feel loved

It dosen't really rhyme but it gets the point across

I'm gonna go, I just wanna say

I love you, and please, stay for a few days

...Years, rather.