You're known by so many,

Understood by so few

Especially her;

She doesn't deserve you.

You worry when she's sick,

Worry when she's sad,

Worry when she's depressed,

Quiet, bitchy, or mad.

She has your whole heart

But doesn't understand

That you need love in return

Though I'm not sure she can

give you all that you need,

or all that she should;

does she even know

all that you would

do for her alone?

How far your love goes?

How devotion like yours

Is like a perfect roseā€¦

It needs love and compassion

For it to survive;

She barely gives enough

To keep your spirit alive.

I know that you love her,

and I'm sure she loves you;

and you don't want to hear

what I say, though it's true.

You probably think I'm jealous,

Perhaps I want her place;

But that's not how I feel

And it isn't a race

to see who gets your heart;

though I wished you were mine,

but that's now in the past,

different date, different time.

Right now, I just have

your best interests at heart;

I wish you had known

Right from the start

That she's selfish, she's moody,

She's not what you need;

Not the warmth, love, and kindness

From which you should feed.

So I suppose that I'm sorry

you must hear this from me;

sorry that maybe

you'll never truly see;

Sorry that I care too much

Where I shouldn't, but do,

And I'm sorry you love her

But she doesn't quite love you.