Minute By Minute

Minutes tick by as I say my piece.
But it's just brushed off.
I never get a word in like others, like her.
Hours on end, talked away.
But three-minute convo is all I see.
I take the time to care, but others don't.
I feel the pain and the fear, that's felt.
Why do I not get a fair deal?
I just wish this were real.
It can't be true, this wouldn't happen.
Hours on end life ticks by.
Minute by minute I slowly die.
Talking about friends, family, school and life.
Then it's like sorry the end.
People talk for hours on end, till the end.
Second by second I slowly wait.
It's my fate, to stay, and not leave.
Like a fool, I sit and just please, with ease.
Never spilling the truth that I hurt.
Second by second, I wish away the day.
Minute by minute, I live through the day.
Hour by hour, I'm in this nightmare.
All I wanted to do is show that I care.

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