Author's Note: Bear with me guys, this is not an update of the story. It's an update on my life as well as future projects.

Yes, I am still alive, although no longer so in the fanfiction community (as my fans from there know). I have moved on to original fiction and, guess what? I've finished my first fantasy novel at last! For those of you interested in checking it out, please go to my homepage at to find out more about my novel, Skull Juggler: Disenchanted by Natalia Locatelli (that is me), the first book in my four book series. For future updates on how the publishing is going, go to the website.

To update you guys on the current happenings: I have finished the manuscript, as the word document is called, and in the next month or so I should have the book in my hands. I have received the cover, which looks amazing, and I'll be sending my manuscript off to be formatted and fitted for a book in the next week or so. I'm already starting to do some marketing on my own (for those of you who are curious, I am self-publishing for now) and then I'm going to put the book on Amazon which will be some time during the week right before Halloween.

My launch day will be some time during the week right before Halloween. It will be available on Amazon before my launch day, BUT if you guys decide you want to buy my book, I suggest you wait until the launch day (I will make sure to tell you when that will be) and you guys will get a ton of free stuff for helping me out! I'll put on my website what the goodies will be so you can decide if you want them or not. I'm extremely excited about launching my very first novel and I hope you, my loyal fans, will support me on my new adventure!

I'm very excited about my project and I hope you guys will enjoy reading the story I have worked so long on. Because the book will be published soon, I have left up only Chapter 1, entitled "The Wake" and today (June 19, 2008) I have uploaded the REVISED copy of the chapter. If you're interested in the book, please tell other people about it too! The more the merrier :)

Skull Juggler a.k.a. Natalia Locatelli