I know someone who hurts themselves.

Scarring their arms and legs forever more.

They say it's the only pain they can control, and it's a relief from the world.

Also if they did kill themselves they sayit would be doing the world a favor.

But I know otherwise.

If they were gone, there'd be a big hole in a lot of people's hearts, minds and daily lives.

They don't know what type of pains they are causing their loved ones.

The blood spilled on the floor, washcloths, clothing,

The pain flooding their loved ones lives.

I can't seem to stop them.

But I won't try to scream or yell at them, due to that'd just make things worse.

I want them to get better.

I wish for them to stop hurting themselves.

I just can't stand the thought of loosing them especially if I knew what they were doing.

And I didn't tell.

But it's hard to tell someone because you don't want to loose that trust between a friend or a loved one.

Even though it's hard, I had to do something.

I want them around for a while longer.

I like having them around.

Just please please, don't give into temptation.

Life's short enough as is, why make it shorter?

I wrote this due to it's true, but I made it to try to fit as if you were the person that your going through that whole, you know a person who cuts and you wanna tell someone but you can't type of dealo. Yeah. Anyways, enjoy.